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Thames and Kosmos

Thames and Kosmos has some of the most sophisticated science toys on the market. We sell many of them iin our store and have selected the most popular for our web site. We have included T&Ks age recommendations, but they are only recommendations. Many of these will be challenging even for older kids. My 20-year old daughter put together the Remote-Control Machines for our store. She is a whiz with all hands-on toys and still found it fun and challenging.

Remote-Control Machines


All kids like remote-control vehicles and this kit lets you build your own. We built one of these models to see how it worked and it’s a winner! Definitely one of the most popular kits/RC-vehicles in our store.

The wireless R-C infrared unit lets you control 3 different motors at the same time or you can combine them to make more complicated machines.

Instructions for 10 models include: bulldozer, 3-wheeler, crane, antique car, plow, folding car, formula one racer, 3-blade dozer, and robotic arm. Or design your own!

48-page color instruction manual and 182 building pieces.


Price: not available

Physics Solar Workshop


This kit was developed with Greenpeace in Germany and is our most popular physics set. Explore solar energy focusing on photovoltaic cells. Some features:

  • Build 12 models including a solar-powered tractor, truck, treaded vehicle, car, elevator, drawbridge, fan, airplane, mobile crane and construction crane
  •  Harness energy using solar power
  • Learn about motors and simple machines

Includes 320 parts and 64-page illustrated manual.

Ages 8+

Price: not available

Power House


This kit is all about alternative energy and sustainable living. 1st you build the Power house and then you conduct lots of experiments in and around the house.

Experiment with heating, cooling, conduction, convection, and insulation. Some examples:

  •  Hook up a solar photovoltaic solar panel to generate electricity from sunlight
  • Build wind turbines to extract energy from the wind
  • Construct a greenhouse and learn about energy conservation tricks used by plants

Includes a 64-page, full color manual.

This kit is not for beginners. We gave a kit to my daughter’s earth science teacher.

Ages 10+

Price: not available

TK2 Scope

 Not available

This is a dual light microscope with 40x, 100x, and 400x magnification. The lenses are all professional quality optical glass and the microscope is both durable and powerful.

Some features:

  • 2 bright LED lights lets you (1) view large or opaque objects from above and (2) thinly sliced or translucent specimens from below
  • 10-power objective lenses and an aperture wheel
  • 4x, 10x, and 40x objective lenses and a 10x ocular lens
  • Prepared slides
  • Over 30 tools and accessories

A 48-page manual guides you through set-up and dozens of experiments.


Price: not available