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This is a new company that has charmed all who see it -- including more than a few adults. All are pleasing to the eye and hand, encouraging open-ended creativity.


The Flower


About 10" tall when it is packaged, with luscious colors. 

Price: Not available

The Flower-Expanded


Just one example of one way a child "opened" the flower. 

Price: Not avilable

The Wankel


2 views of the Wankel -- one straight and one twisted, but you can take the entire toy apart and do what you will weiht it. The most popular toy in our store from the Grimms' line.

Price: not available

The Playhouse-pink tones


Fun to carry, but also fun to design. See below for some ideas. 

Price: not available

The Playhouse-blue tones


This house is only waiting for someone to open it up, but you will need to provide your own people.

Price: Blue tone 


The Large Rainbow


We carry a small rainbow in our store as well, but this one is large and strong enough to crawl under or sit on. Who said that cardboard boxes made the best toys?

Price:not available